Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a celebration of the New Year in the Chinese calendar. In this celebration of red colors appear dominantly. In China or any city in the world who celebrate the Lunar New Year surely decorated their house with their red tape and red lanterns with images, writings and symbols of happiness and luck.

Gracia Bali Villas Chinese New Year

In addition, the chinese new year is also known with fireworks . Fireworks are always held a very festive every year to celebrate the coming of the new year.

Apparently the red color and fireworks has an interesting story behind  the celebration. Formerly, fireworks and red decorations in front of the houses and buildings of Chinese citizen are meant to scare the mystical believed monster called Nian which usally prey the people and livestock on every new year’s eve.

Gracia Bali Villas Chinese New Year

This monster is based on myth afraid of loud noises (fireworks) and also red. Despite the progress that believed has been decreased, the color red and fireworks remain so loyal companion through the Chinese New Year celebration. Lanterns and red ribbons hung in front of the houses to scare the evil spirits and bring good luck.