What makes Bali Unique

Nowadays a lot cities around the world competing each other to promote their city wishing both local and abroad tourists to come over. In Marketing studies it is called City Branding. This tell us how to design and spread the news about the positioning and unique culture of the city.

One of the city which has a unique culture is Bali. Head of Tourism Department of Bali stated that the number of tourst who come to Bali is increasing to be over 2.8 Million. This prove that Bali is a unique city, unique island to come over for. One of the famous event in Bali is Nyepi. Nyepi is a New Year day in Bali, of of Indonesian’s Island that has over 90% Hindus! Nyepi is celebrated once a year with a silence, a day to do the self-introspection and to remember the nature and universe and preparing for the new “me”.


Usually Nyepi fall in Mid March – April following the Hindu calendar system which begins the Saka year. It was Aji Saka who introduce Saka era in Bali. The Balinese believe that before entering the new year, one should do a self-introspection which can be achieved by fasting and maintaining the silence with very little movement inside the house.

A day before Nyepi usually each of area will make an Ogoh-Ogoh. Ogoh-ogoh is a giant doll which made of styrofoam with shape of Balinese Evil or devil. Ogoh-ogoh is a symbolized of our sins which we have made throughout the year. This Ogoh-ogoh usually will be paraded along the road to some places and at the end of the journey before the Nyepi day, it will be burned. Balinese believe it is a symbolized that we have to burn all the bad things and bad luck before entering the new year as a clean person. (Clean of sins)


This is one thing that differentiate Bali with other cities around the world. Its culture makes Bali really unique and it becomes a codification as human DNA can not be replicated by other humans.

Important Notice for Nyepi at Gracia Bali Villas